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Family, Friends and Fascias

My DIY skills are improving I feel (Steve may beg to differ). My overalls are looking well worn and paint-splattered. Steve showed me how to lever off a window frame, knock plaster off a wall and use the sander ‘properly’. He said it was great to have ‘an apprentice’ working with him! I was honoured to be labelled as such and I got carried away by my elevated status. I began sanding down everything that looked remotely like it needed a good sanding. Then spent the next hour filling in several large indents. Steve has been very encouraging and patient as he shows me what and how to do things – and he didn’t even swear when I caught his finger between the new plasterboard and the wall as I tried forcing it into place. (His finger was the reason it wasn’t budging).

I'll soon have somewhere to cook!

So - the kitchen is ‘getting there’, the bathroom is ‘moving along’, the living room ‘just needs a lick of paint and flooring’ according to Steve, and then we can think about the extension, the roof and the porch. It’s been a lengthy process so far but I’m hopeful that things will progress more speedily, especially as the lovely Spring weather has arrived. With temperatures hitting the 20’s this weekend, I hope to be out in the garden planting herbs and vegetables, as well as flowers. Meanwhile, the 50 tulips I planted in November have rewarded me with their happy faces.

Happy tulips on a lovely Spring evening

We celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary on 8th April, and Mum and Dad treated us to lunch. Dad commented that it was ‘remarkable’ that he lived to see the day to celebrate his daughter’s 41st wedding anniversary. We drank several toasts befitting the occasion 😊

Talking of treats, my lovely friend Anne-Marie treated me to afternoon tea, evening meal, several cocktails, an overnight stay and a facial at a hotel in Dundee. It was just so wonderful to catch up. We met at 2pm and, apart from when we slept during the night, literally didn’t stop talking until I left at 10.30am next morning! Whilst I have made new friends here in Scotland, I miss and appreciate the deep connections with friends like Anne-Marie who I have known for decades.

I also caught up with my gorgeous family while attending my soon-to-be granddaughter’s baby shower. Such is the popularity of Jenny (the mum) I don’t think the baby will need anything else bought for her until she starts school! My eldest son (the dad) will soon by turning 40 (I know! I had him when I was 10…..) so I decided to make him a birthday cake. My boys have joked that all their birthday photos as youngsters had my famous ‘clock cake’ somewhere in the background. I had a Mary Berry recipe from the 70’s (thanks to a wedding present in 1978) that I used for the boys’ birthdays, simply changing the time to match their age. Apart from one time when I made a BMX track for David (he was very impressed…..but, then again, he was 6), the clock cake was my go-to, reliable recipe and I was grateful for it as a busy, working Mum. Christopher is therefore having a clock cake for his 40th birthday. Oooh…….just think, I can start all over again, when the baby is born!

I am excited about the coming months and the happy times ahead.


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