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Ooops! I've been rather quiet on the blogging front I'm afraid. It's just been a crazy few months and I've been occupied almost every second of the day. Some of my time has included trips down the A1 one to see baby Jessica and co, and I hope to continue making that trip as regularly as I can. Desperately aware not to fulfil an ‘interfering mother in law’ role, rather hoping to offer an extra pair of hands where needed (hmmmm…..I bet that’s what all interfering mother-in-laws say!)

Jenny is going back to work in February, and I wish I was closer because I would definitely be having Jessica whenever possible to help out. I know how difficult it is when you’re juggling children and a fulltime job.

When I last wrote, Steve and I were waiting for the delivery of our lounge suite and carpets. They finally arrived which meant that Steve and I could start living in the cottage. It was quite surreal on our first night to think we we're actually in. Would it be awful to say that I missed the view from the caravan window?!

The cottage living room window looks out onto a hillside, which is pleasant enough, but it doesn't take in the panoramic view of countryside, fields and hills from the rear side that we were enjoying from the caravan. So I'm really hoping that we can crack on with the extension sooner rather than later in order to absorb those gorgeous views. That said, we are still treated to the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Nature is simply amazing.

Steve has put a log fire in the lounge and it's been so snuggly. He's so very clever with all the things he can do. When we went to buy the fire, and all the connecting bits required, Steve spoke with the seller as if he was doing this all the time! The terminology, fancy names and methods tumbled from his mouth easily. He never ceases to amaze me.

One of the things about travelling up and down between England and Scotland is the packing and unpacking that needs to be done. Steve and I are both guilty of being last minute packers. Even when we used to do our huge across the world trips, it was not unusual for us to pack within hours of needing to leave for the airport. I mean we're not going to Timbuktu, so my reasoning is that we can always buy anything we might need wherever we are going anyway. And how many times do people travel and don't even need half the stuff they've taken with them? On one trip back from Royston, Steve ‘helpfully’ packed some of my make-up bits. On arriving home, I found some bathroom cleansing wipes that ‘attack the deepest grime and soap scum’ tucked in my vanity bag. I quizzed him on their presence, and he shrugged and said, ‘I thought you used them on your face’. Ahem.

Christmas this year was absolutely wonderful. We spent it with Christopher, Jenny and baby Jessica (of course!). Christopher created (and I use the word in its true sense) the most fabulous Christmas dinner I’ve ever had in my life! Mum and Dad were invited to join us but preferred to stay in the comfort of their own home. It’s a fair old way to travel, whatever method you choose, and I understand their reluctance. Mind you, it would have been so lovely to have 4 generations around the table.

Meanwhile, the garden needs attention. We have a mole, or some similar burrowing creature, that is wreaking havoc across the lawn! I don’t want to cause it any harm, but I do need to encourage it to play somewhere else. Google suggests everything from pouring castor oil in the hole to make the mole very unwell, blasting it out with a hosepipe or setting mouse traps! I’ll keep looking for something humane and effective.

Things have been going very well on the work front. I designed and delivered a 6-hour workshop on Mood and Food. Thankfully the feedback was very good, so I’ll be doing it again in other locations in Scotland this year. I’ve also got some local talks lined up, as well as a huge charity event I’ve planned for April in St Andrews.

So busy times ahead!


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