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Roses are red...….and all that

Forfar has recently been voted the second most romantic place in Scotland. It is in danger of slipping down the list now that we are here! I've only ever had 3 bunches of flowers from Steve in my whole life. I can remember the first time he bought a bunch home. We’d been married for 20 years by then and he appeared at the doorway with some droopy carnations. Flowers!!! Finally! I made a big fuss of him and spoilt him for the rest of the evening, gushing over the fact that he had thought of me and had gone out of his way to treat me to flowers. He wallowed in the glory of my praise. However, next day when we were driving along a main road near our bungalow, we passed a layby where there was a dodgy looking man, with a dodgy looking van (filled to the brim with drooping carnations) and an even dodgier looking handmade sign declaring ‘overstocked flowers – 50p a bunch’. I looked from the sign to Steve. He kept his eyes firmly on the road.

Glad we put the bird bath out!

Talking of romance, my Mum & Dad celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary recently. We were supposed to be joining them for lunch but unfortunately Dad was feeling a little under the weather and it was cancelled. I was all ready to go when I received his call (I’d made a particular effort, for what it was worth!) and I suggested to Steve that we should still go out anyway, just us. He looked confused and pointed out that it wasn’t our anniversary. I replied (very calmly and sweetly, honestly) that we had both been working hard and it would be nice just to go and have a lunch somewhere. He began talking about the price of things and how expensive it is to eat out these days. I suggested just a drink then, to celebrate that we had survived Dry January. He mumbled something and said we would stop off on the way back from the supermarket. So off we went to Asda (me teetering on non-supermarket heels, wearing non-supermarket glitz) and loaded our trolley. As we drove away, we passed the one and only place that we could have stopped for a drink. I said, ‘I thought we were stopping’?. He said ‘we are - I need to go to Jewson’s for some timber’.

I mentioned last time that the cottage is progressing slowly following Steve’s return to full-time work. Given that it's taken 2 weekends to fit one internal door (not least because Steve is a perfectionist) I’m more than a little concerned about the proposed extension, and how long that might take! Still, we are warm and cosy, unlike last winter when we were battered and cold in the caravan.

We aim to get the plans drawn up for the extension very soon, and I’ll need to keep Steve focused on need rather than want! When he designed a house in New Zealand, together with an enthusiastic architect, it featured every known concept including a domed glass ceiling above a sweeping circular staircase, an underground safety room ( we all need one surely?) and a contraption where you put all your dirty clothes and they’d be whisked away directly to the laundry room. We didn’t get around to building it, can you believe.

Jessica in a box!

At the time of writing, I’m preparing to head off to Royston to catch up with baby Jessica who, at 9 months old, has 3 teeth and crawls speedily everywhere. I’ll be looking after her and brother Jack during the school holiday. Happy days!


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