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Wardrobes, work and wishing

Hello! I hope you're all doing well as the restrictions of Covid19 begin to ease. Here in Scotland it's been a longer road, as we are coming out of lock down much later than the rest of the country. Frustrating as it has been not to see my Mum and Dad (Mum is one of the ‘shielded’) and be free to do all the other normal things folk do in life, Steve and I are still happily enjoying the enforced stay- at- home time.

Steve has been charging ahead with the jobs that need to be completed in the cottage.

Recently it struck me that his pre-job conversations are always full of ‘I'm going to do this’, ‘ I'm going to do that’, ‘ I have ordered such and such’, ‘I have completed so and so’ etc. yet his post-job conversations are often ‘Hmmmm, I know where we went wrong’’, ‘ what we should have done’, ‘we ordered too much’. We? Cheek!

He is currently building some fitted wardrobes in our bedroom. This followed a disastrous consultation with a well known company who come round your house and offer to build one for you. Honestly, the rep was awful! He sat, man-style (ladies, you know what I’m talking about) on my dining room chair and arrogantly threw his brochures all over the table, declaring that he had umpteen properties all over the UK and this was just a side job he was doing to fill in a few hours. He spoke about his car(s), his holidays and minor celebrities he’d met. Somehow we got on to the fact that he was diabetic and I ended up giving him nutritional advice! As I started to finally browse through the brochure – trying not to audibly gasp at the outrageous prices - he stretched, stood up and said my time was up! I quickly pointed at the cheapest item in the book and asked what it would cost after their 50% discount (the reason I’d called them in the first place, to take advantage of the offer). He tapped in a few numbers on his calculator and it was over £4,000!! AFTER the discount! I told him that Steve could do it for a third of the price, so he gathered up his papers, sniffed and said, ‘let him try’.

Enter Stephen Cowell, wardrobe fitter extraordinaire 😊. Now, dear readers, I am very used to Steve’s diagrams and drawings of his proposed project of the time.

I’m not saying I always understand them, but I kind of get what he means. When it came to these wardrobes he sat very animatedly drawing lines and arrows and there seemed to be a lot of number twos and fours all over the place (now then, not THOSE number twos). He looked at me expectantly and asked what I thought. I had no idea what I was looking at. So he started again from scratch - drawing the same diagram much more slowly (?) with a few number threes and fives thrown into this one. I had to admit I was still lost. Frustrated, he stood up and was drawing them in the air, complete with their shelves and a void where I could store things (I won’t mention that got into an argument when I couldn’t see how I would reach the void) but it still wasn’t making sense. However, to avoid further delay (and giving the poor man a heart attack) I nodded and smiled and agreed they sounded lovely. And so it is, that as I write, work has begun in earnest……and I think I now understand about the void, yay!

Meanwhile, work has been going well for me. I’ve been doing on-line consultations and the first of my online workshops was fully booked, so I’m now looking forward to a new way of working. Being out in the country was somewhat of a barrier as I had to travel to Dundee to book a room for my clinic, hoping traffic would be good and that I could find a parking space. I’m sure I will continue to do the odd personal face-to-face consultation now and then, but the on-line ones work wonderfully.

We have five gorgeous cows in the field opposite. They follow us everywhere and I’ve grown very fond of them (which will only end in disaster and tears). They are such clever, gentle animals and watching them play and look out for each other is heart-warming. In the other field, the potatoes are growing fast and I’m already dreading the ensuing mess that will occur when they are harvested.

Before I write the next blog, I'm wishing the next phase of lockdown to be lifted so that we can (legally ;) ) see all the family.


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