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Don’t struggle any longer with a health issue – no matter what it is or how long you’ve put up with it, there are answers! Quite often, a symptom you have noticed is a cumulative result of many other underlying issues that you may have been ignoring or taking for granted. For example, a twitchy eye muscle may be an early warning of a heart attack; and the ridges on your fingers may hold a clue about dementia.


What can I expect?


 In this thorough health and nutrition assessment you will be asked key questions including:


  • your current health (ongoing ailments or conditions)

  • your previous health (including operations, organ removal and accidents)

  • stress and mood

  • digestive issues

  • food choices and eating habits

  • recent blood test results (if applicable)

  • an overview of any medications and/or supplements you are taking


Your tongue (a great indicator of your digestive health) and your fingernails will be examined.

Advice will include food choices and, if appropriate and necessary, vitamin supplements. (Ideally, we should get all the minerals and vitamins we need from the food we eat. However, poor soil quality, digestive weaknesses and food intolerances often prevent this and supplementation is required).

If supplements are required (and they are not always!)  I offer impartial advice and help you purchase the best value for money product from the very wide range available in shops, pharmacies and practitioner ranges.  I will also ensure that there is no clash with any medications you are taking. Then I’ll monitor your progress and adjust/reduce your intake as your symptoms improve, because it can be harmful to continue taking supplements you do not need.


If having a face-to -face appointment, you will receive written information there and then to take away. If the consultation is via Zoom, you will receive a written summary via email.


How long does it take?


Initial appointments are 60 minutes. Follow-ups are 30 minutes.


How much does it cost?


Your investment for the consultation (and comprehensive written assessment outcome) is £130.  The frequency of any subsequent follow-up reviews is mutually agreed, depending on your progress, and cost £60.00.


I’m ready! How do I take things forward?


Click on the Consultation link below

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