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Listed below are details of upcoming public events (hope to see you at one!)




February 4th:  11.00am - 12.00   Senior Health , The Hub, Friockheim, Arbroath

Learn about foods that will reduce inflammation, improve memory, lower cholesterol and prevent diabetes in this informative and entertaining presentation. Full details and tickets at the link below.

Tickets just $10: for entry, refreshments,  take-home information sheet and raffle entry. Click here


February 5th: 7pm-8pm  Children's Nutrition The Hub, Friockheim, Arbroath

How does food affect mood, sleep and behaviour? Should a 5 year old eat the same as a 12 year old? What about food intolerances? For answers to these, and many more questions, please join me for this educational talk. 

Tickets just $10: for entry, refreshments,  take-home information sheet and raffle entry.  Click here



April 25th  10.30 - 16.30  Food and Mood Fairways Leisure Group, Castleheather, Inverness IV6 2AA

An interactive workshop where you will learn how food can affect mood, behaviour, anxiety, stress, sleep and hormonal balance. I will also reveal exciting new revelations concerning the gut microbiome and its role in the prevention of anxiety and depression.
This event will be beneficial to anyone with an interest on the impact food has on our mood and mental wellbeing. From parents worried about children’s behaviour (including ADHD) to those caring for parents with dementia, this workshop reveals some fascinating facts and useful tips to take away.


Ticket details here - including early bird rate