Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, sadly all physical events have been suspended until further notice.

However, I am thrilled to announce that the popular Mood and Food workshop will be held on-line via zoom in the meantime!

Date: July 4th  10.00am  - 16.00pm  Booking and tickets

Details: With more and more research acknowledging the links between mood and behavioural disorders, it's important for anyone working with those affected by these conditions to be as informed as possible.

The NHS recognises that depression is caused by changes in levels of chemicals in the brain. One such chemical is serotonin - 90% of which is produced in the gut! This underlines that a healthy digestive system is important for mental wellbeing.

Join me, leading holistic nutritionist Alison Cowell, at this informative workshop to learn how food can affect mood, behaviour, anxiety, stress, sleep and hormonal balance. I will also reveal exciting new revelations concerning the gut microbiome and its role in the prevention of anxiety and depression. In these challenging COVID19 days (months!) it's even more important to know how to take charge of our minds and moods.

In addition, there will be a discussion around our relationship with food and how it can trigger guilt and shame, leading to anxiety and stress.

There will be plenty of opportunities to share experiences and explore solutions.

To raise awareness of how nutrition plays an important role in the prevention or management of mood disorders.
Highlight common medications that can trigger low moods.
Provide knowledge regarding signs and signals that may indicate nutritional deficiencies, allowing d elegates to have a more in-depth understanding of their client’s overall wellbeing.

This event will be beneficial to anyone with an interest on the impact food has on our mood and mental wellbeing. From parents worried about children’s behaviour (including ADHD) to those caring for parents with dementia, this workshop reveals some fascinating facts and many useful tips to take away.


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