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2023  EVENTS

I'm very happy to be able to be back doing face to face events, but I'm also still providing the popular on-line workshops too! 

I hope to see you at one of them very soon :) 


Wednesday 20th September 7.30-9.00pm (on-line)

Early bird £25  Full price £35

Learn how to identify and address early signs of imbalanced health 

Every day, our body gives us clear signs and signals if we are not providing it with all the nutrients it needs, but quite often we pay no attention or don't appreciate the significance. No, you shouldn't have a coated tongue, waxy ears, ridged fingernails, twitch eye muscle, restless legs...etc! 

So many health conditions could be prevented if we understood our own body talk, 

Do join me at this workshop where all will be revealed! Book here to reserve your place :) 

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