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I'm Alison, holistic nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, speaker and author with almost 20 years experience. In 2018, I returned to the UK after almost 13 years in New Zealand where I ran my private Healthy Eating clinics. During that time, I consulted with over10,000 individual clients. This confirmed to me that everyone knows what 'healthy eating' is! Why then, despite making the best food choices (most of the time ;) ) is there a rise in conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stress, IBS, hormonal imbalances etc? That's because many people are not listening to their body. They are ignoring the twitchy eye, the ridged fingernails, coated tongue, niggly headache, lack of sleep, irregular bowel movements...and every other signal the body sends to alert us it is not getting the nutrients it needs.

In my early 40s I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition and told I would need to be on medication for the rest of my life. However, I studied nutrition, discovered that the eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms I thought were healthy for me were actually anything but! A simple dietary change has kept me in remission ever since.

Back in the UK, I have resumed my personal consultations to individuals, and continue my work as a speaker to groups, businesses (no matter how large or small) providing health awareness presentations on-site. During the restrictions of the pandemic, I had to re-think my speaking work so I designed and hosted on-line workshops to my list of services until things got back to normal. But I love doing them and the feedback has been amazing! Now they are an integral part of my work. The Mood and Food topic is particularly popular.

On a personal note, I've been married to Steve for over 45 years (yikes! where did the time go?!) and have two lovely sons who live with their gorgeous partners in England. We are now also very proud grandparents.  In between consultations, workshops, speaking engagements and nanny duties (the latter being the best job ever!) I help Steve with property renovations so my days are very busy.



Can You Help?

I'm aiming to address the fact that there are no policies in place for prescription medications.


There are only guidelines which means too many people are being over prescribed and there is no accountability. Please click on this code to sign a petition to address this, thank you! 

There are currently no policies in place to govern the prescribing or monitoring of prescription medications. This leads to mis or over prescribing and too many people are taking medications they no longer need.


I’ve shared the story of my own mum, Parkinsonism ... cause or effect?

but sadly she is not alone.


Please Sign This Petition

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