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It’s an absolute pleasure to be writing feedback for Alison.

For two years we have been searching for answers for my 3 year old boy. He has battled with ear infection after ear infection, a constant runny nose and a regular upset tummy – winter and nights have been hell. He has been on about 6 courses of antibiotics each winter for double ear infections. Our gut feeling was a allergy or intolerance to something. The doctors wanted to prescribe this or that and told us he's too young for any allergy testing. We were referred for removal of his tonsils and adenoids but at such a young age it didn’t sit well with us.

After a conversation with our midwife we found out about Alison.

Our first appointment was information gathering and a hair analysis to be sent away. It felt like forever to getting those results back (it wasn't, it was just finally get answers we desperately needed). Results back we sat down with Alison and worked through them.

He’s dairy and gluten intolerant and a number of other things. Taking Alison’s expert advice we have removed the culprits from his diet and two months down the track we are amazed! His nose now only runs if a environmental intolerance is around. He looks healthier, his eyes are no longer sunk in, he’s putting weight on, he’s always hungry (replacing the good things hes been unable to store in his body) he’s got regular bowel movements, he’s trying new foods, his quality of sleep has improved and no night terrors since. We have a happy and healthy boy – the way he should be!
Thank you for your help Alison I cant Express what it means to us and it’s just the beginning.

Sarah Martin, Waipukurau

For 40 years I suffered, daily, from chronic pain and have sought help from many different mainstream and alternative medical practitioners.  I had always associated food intolerance with stomach/gut problems. I did not know that chronic inflammation in the muscles and joints can be caused by food intolerance. I first met Alison 9 months ago. She explained how food intolerance affects the body and carried out a number of tests. I was surprised at the long list of foods that are a problem for me – even “healthy” foods – and since removing them (mostly) from my diet, I have been generally pain-free. I do have occasional bad days but they are not often, and are usually because I have over-indulged in my “intolerant” foods. And a “bad” day now, is nothing compared to bad days in the past. Alison has provided good support and follow up and the last nine months have certainly been the best I’ve had in the last 40 years. She said something that has stuck with me – “knowledge, choice, consequence”. I am so thankful that I now have the knowledge and because of that, can make the right choices to live a pain-free life.

Julie Fergus, Havelock North

My dearest Alison, sorry again for my emotional outburst yesterday, they were tears of pure joy. I have seen so many specialists over the years and I was told that polymyalgia and chronic fatigue could only be managed by medication. From the minute I spoke to you I knew you could help and boy have you done that. It’s not just your undeniable wealth of knowledge, it’s the way you truly listen and care. You explain things so well and I understand the causes now, which you have helped me fix.  My husband thinks you are wonderfull too as he has ‘his Mary’ back.

Mary Gibson, Napier

Hi Alison – I know it’s only early days but I wanted to thank you! I’m now back at work and I am feel so energised already. I just did 4x 12 hour day shifts in a row and did not have, nor have the craving or the need for, any coffee. I also woke up this morning with enough energy to mow the lawns and weed whack the sides and now I’m off to walk the dog for an hour. Feeling so good, thank you very much.

Monique Gore, Auckland

Why did I wait? I spoke to Alison 5 years ago at an expo and knew she could help just in the brief conversation we had. I took the card and intended to book an appointment but never did. As my health got worse and worse, several friends recommended seeing Alison but I still put it off. My doctor hadn’t been able to find anything wrong with me, so I wasn’t sure that anyone else could. How wrong I was. Seriously, after the first day of seeing Alison I already felt different, emotionally and physically. She diagnosed a rare auto-immune condition and gave me dietary advice to manage it. I wish I had done this sooner. My advice to anyone who is suffering is don’t wait. See Alison and see how she can help you.

Karen Worthington, Central Hawke’s Bay

I am not a cancer survivor; I am a thriver.  Thanks to Alison.  When Big C knocked on my door in the form of advanced and aggressive prostate cancer I became a mess. The stress of waiting for treatment had got to me and caused a lifetime health issue to turn nasty.  And, although I knew that my urologist and oncologist were going to do the best they could for me I also knew that I was going to have to make a big effort myself.  Then I met Alison at a Cancer Society meeting, heard her speak, and decided to get on board with her.  My diet had never been too bad, but she took me to a different level, and it worked.  My immediate problem went to being better than it had ever been. Also Alison helped me work on preparation and recovery from the radiation and hormone treatment and very importantly, to stop the cancer returning. That was four and a half years ago.  Considering the extent of my cancer when it was diagnosed, by now I should be getting into trouble again, but ongoing tests show that I am still well and truly in remission.  In prostate cancer circles I am considered to be a success story. That I got through all this and my excellent recovery is in a very big part due to the diet that Alison worked out for me. She got into the corner with me put my boxing gloves on. And she cared. 

Trevor Doig, Havelock North

We have a life again…..  I retired at the end of last year after doing 14 years of a very stressful job.  Basically at the beginning of this year (2016) my health collapsed.  After numerous visits to hospital for a kidney stone & being diagnosed with diverticulitis I felt that my health was going nowhere and most of my time was spent on or in the bed.  I had no energy and felt unwell most of the time.  The health services were good but did not offer any alternative solutions to improving my health “just to get on with it”.  I saw an article about Alison in the paper and immediately made an appointment to see her.  My doctor did a blood test and I gave the results to Alison.  Alison tested me for allergies and changed my food regime and I started taking supplements.  The results were life changing and now three months later I am once again leading a full and active life.  My wife was so impressed that she is now seeing Alison as well and already she is seeing an improvement in her health.  We cannot thank you enough for helping us to return to a normal and active life. 

Barry & Rowena Lucas, Napier 

Before I went to see Alison I had suffered from intensive nausea, stomach bloating and diarrhea for five years. Most of the responses I received from doctors and gastroenterologists were comments like “keep taking these tablets, go away and put a smile on your face” or “I think you need tranquilisers, this is all to do with stress” and “sorry there is nothing we can do for you”. I have been consulting with Alison for only 3 months and am now very much symptom free!! I can’t believe how well I feel, so quickly, without medication just simply the right food. I can’t thank Alison enough and would recommend anyone to consult with her. Don’t suffer, just see her!

Budge Cook, Napier

I recently had a consultation with Alison Cowell. It was an enlightening meeting where she was able to confirm a number of severe food intolerances that I was kind of aware of but had not taken seriously and others that were likely to be interfering with a medication I take for hypothyroidism. And to think I had thought my diet was reasonably healthy. As a result, I’ve removed quite a few foods from my diet to help improve energy levels, reduce my sinus issues and get rid of some digestive concerns.  One thing I like about Alison’s approach is she doesn’t sell you things you don’t need, she isn’t pushy and her prescriptions are personalised ‘one size does not fit all’. After 4 weeks I have more energy, my skin is more nourished and I’m able to create meals that are tasty and nutritious. Thank you Alison for your nutritional wisdom, and your bright, passionate and knowledgeable approach. 

Fiona Ritchie, Taradale

After my gallbladder was removed in 2009 I was told that there was nothing I could do about the very debilitating  digestive issues I subsequently experienced. If I had only found you sooner. To finally go on holiday and not have to worry about where the nearest toilet is, has been so liberating not only for me but my long-suffering husband. I have told my specialist about you because I don’t want others to have to suffer as I have done. For anyone reading this  –  you need to see this lady, she is awesome.

Gillian Layton, Masterton

………I haven’t taken a nausea tablet for two weeks now (have had minor nausea feelings but nothing like I had before and not strong enough to want to take a tablet). The best thing that has happened this year so far is finding you.  I never thought that food played such a big part of wellbeing.

Joan Duley, Wairoa

Wow! just wow! Alison, you have worked miracles with Jacob, my 7 year old son. He was always complaining of tummy aches and had never slept well since he was born. So many trips to the doctor, so many days off school and never getting any answers. He was one sad little boy. After eliminating dairy (there was me thinking the raw milk I was giving him was so good for him) and eggs, we have never looked back. Our whole family have benefitted from the advice you have given us. You’re amazing and have a lovely way with children. Thank you isn’t enough….but thank you anyway!

Tanja Copeland, Hastings

In July 2014, my daughter and I attended an Endometriosis Society evening in Havelock North. There were a couple of speakers, one of whom was Alison Cowell. Following her talk, and having had the opportunity to ask her specific questions, we booked an appointment for my daughter to be assessed. Our meeting with Alison was very informative. She went through my daughter’s medical history and then did a food intolerance test with a variet(y of foods, and explained how and why she was intolerant to certain foods. As a result of the testing my daughter made some dietary changes. Almost immediately we noticed an improvement in her symptoms, particularly the pain symptoms, and the sleep difficulties. After 4 weeks she then started re-introcuding foods, and we now (about a further 4 weeks on again) know what to avoid. As the saying goes ‘Knowledge is Power’ and in this case, it truly is.

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