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And we're off!

The chimes of Big Ben heralding the start of a brand new year almost acts as a firing gun for the Christmas over-indulgers to race to get back into shape.

Promises of increased exercise, healthier eating and overall better lifestyle choices are scribbled in diaries and the 'new life'/ 'better me' begins in earnest. So why does it inevitably go wrong for so many people, despite them 'doing everything right'?

Because the focus is wrong.

The numbers on the scale should not be dictating any health changes...there are far more important numbers for that, including your blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid function, blood glucose levels and iron stores.

Further, whilst the generic diet sheets and healthy eating programmes may be full of low fat, low carb choices, do you (a) know that they contain the nutrients you need or (b) know if you are intolerant to any of them?

What should you do if you truly want to be - and remain - healthier? My recommendations include:

  • Ask for a blood test covering the elements noted above (ladies get your hormones checked at the same time)

  • Invest in a food intolerance test (I can help if you wish)

  • Check the side effects of any medications you're taking, many impact on weight

  • Identify nutritional deficiencies

  • Keep a food and symptom diary to help identify foods that give (or take!) energy

And whilst it's understandable that food is going to be high on many people's decision-making, remember that you have to have an efficient digestive system to help process all those nutrients! If you have constipation, bloating , gas, reflux, heartburn, loose stools etc, then it won't matter how paleo or low calorie your choices are.

If you get a chance, listen to my podcast with Debbie Cook (episode title: Resolution Revelation). Debbie was an habitual new year health resolutionist until she focused on her health. One year later, she was lighter than she' d ever been and all her blood test results were exemplary.

Why not invest in your health too? Come and have a personal health and nutrition consultation with me and make 2023 your best year yet!

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