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Energy running low?

Do you find yourself yawning all the time? Watching the clock and willing 5pm to come around so you can head home for a nap? Dread the thought of engaging in any physical exercise?

There are many reasons why energy levels can be low, and it’s normal to to have ‘off’ days from time to time. However, if your symptoms have been ongoing for some time, it is worth having a blood test to check to rule out serious health issues.

Otherwise, the following advice can help with common causes and symptoms.

* Nutritional deficiencies can cause energy fluctuations: common culprits include low B12 and low iron. A blood test can establish your levels and help you target accordingly. B12 is found in animal produce so vegetarians are often lacking in this. Iron is found in foods such as meat & fish and dark green leafy vegetables. If you’re not sure you’re including sufficient supplies in your diet, supplements can be helpful.

* Thyroid issues (over or underactive) can lead to bouts of low energy. Before self-diagnosing, check your levels with a simple blood test.

* Food intolerances play a major and often overlooked part in energy problems. Unlike food allergies, food intolerances are not always immediately obvious. The impact affects the absorption of nutrients, so the symptoms are often delayed. Low energy and hunger are common symptoms of a food intolerance.

* If your body is dehydrated, your cells can’t do their work and your energy will decrease as a result. Be sure to drink pure, clean water throughout the day.

* Many people look for energy ‘boosts’ when they are feeling tired and reach for high sugar and/ or high caffeine foods. These may serve to spike the energy, but then comes the crash that follows! Eating natural sugar foods like dates in the morning can help prevent afternoon crashes as well as managing your blood sugar levels.

* Many medications can adversely affect energy. Ask your health care practitioner or pharmacist for information on the side-effects of any medications you are taking.

* Depression and low moods can bring the entire body to a halt! Eating mood-enhancing foods like oats and bananas can help, as can improving your digestive health to better absorb nutrients from your food.

* If you are stressed or anxious, this will impact on your energy as your mind is never resting and sleep is ofetn disrupted. Try practising mindfulness or yoga.

Helpful supplements include:

B vitamin complex; Iron; Spirulina; Co- enzyme Q10; Magnesium; Probiotics

Does your battery need recharging?

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